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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon." on your side. it >> anti-u.s. demonstration spreading across the middle east the day after the united states ambassador to libya was killed. >> the list of yemen -- en route protesters stormed the gates there. >> >> just as united states officials feared, the unrest in the middle east has spread.
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in the capital today, hundreds of angry demonstrators burned the american flag and stormed the united states embassy compound. there were able to breach usually tight security around the embassy to get on to the grounds. a senior obama administration official says the protests seem to be motivated by a film. the film is on youtube. it depicts the profit muhammed as a womanizer. >> it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and to promote rage. >> in cairo, protesters again -- outside the united states embassy. they fired tear gas. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence. >> in libya, a very different
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scene. yesterday, people took to the streets not to protest, but to grieve. on tuesday, militants stormed their. four americans were left dead. including j. christopher stevens. >> this is tragic that he died and benghazi, because it is a city he helped to save. >> the white house said he urged them to keep working with united states to ensure diplomatic safety. >> we invite you to stay here with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the protests and deadly attacks and the search for the killer of a j. christopher stevens. we will have to the minute details on and on our twitter and facebook page as. >> and the scare of the united states consulate in berlin germany. an employee became sick when a man had a person documents. the visitor is expected -- was a
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man applying for a united states visa. if other white substance in the area, but they said the documents did not contain anything dangerous. >> michelle obama and mitt romney me are going to be in northern virginia today. >> brianne carter is in fairfax. >> the fight for battleground virginia is back on here in the commonwealth. both parties campaigning here today. if you take a look behind me, you can see mitt romney the as onstage. he started speaking about 10 minutes ago. the crowd is now chanting usa. he has been talking about the middle class. that is what we expected it would highlight during the trip to northern virginia. it has been a focus for the mitt romney the campaign. they made their announcement in virginia. this republican hopeful for
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president is working to get the middle class back to work. he says northern virginia may very well decide the next president is. while he is focused on the economy, yet so it also touched on the tragedy overseas. >> we have heavy hearts across america today. i want you to know it is going to get better. but i recognize that right now we are in mourning. we lost four other diplomats across the world. we are thinking about their families and those that have left behind. what a tragedy. >> as you heard him say, they are trying to pause for a moment of silence. one man was protesting and was ushered out of the rally. at this point behind me, he is talking about education. there are hundreds of supporters. they started lining up early this morning to make sure they could get your to the fairfax park. they are focused on campaigning
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in the commonwealth. and michelle obama also and virginia. she has a two campaign stops, the first will happen in richmond. she will end up later today in fredericksburg. we have much more coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thank you. 12:05. a sunny day. it looks like we will have to change soon. >> here in the belfort weather center we are looking at the fifth day of beautiful weather. all good things must come to an end. but enjoy the rest of the day. 76 degrees at dulles. 75 at reagan national. travel plans, it take you across the country, no problems. detroit, indianapolis, plenty of sunshine in the south and miami. our forecast closer to home -- temperatures should top off around 82 degrees. but tonight we could be looking at a couple showers. a cold front moves into the
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area. full detail and the extended outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. an emotional service this morning as the nation remembered astronaut neil armstrong. the worst -- the first man to walk on the moon. many went to the national cathedral. that is where we joined john gonzalez live at. >> the service just ended. this was the program that was handed out. now during the service carol armstrong was given the flood that was flown at half staff the day her husband died. >> a very public service for a modest man. 81-year-old michael collins was on the mission with neil armstrong gave a prayer. >>-- the earth that is beneath us. >> as hundreds filed and the national cathedral, we spoke
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with a logistics engineer was working on the aircraft. he brought with him a signed photo. on the aircraft, astronauts and former pilot, neil armstrong became the first to walk on the moon. eleven astronauts have followed. >> it was a team effort. if one part on this thing failed, they were lost. there were a long way from home. >> he died from complications during heart surgery. >> he was an absolutely wonderful, warm human being who happened to be a hero. >> another man spoke of the service, not far from the window. -- space window. >> he was already working on how
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to wind machine on the moon. >> and when the apollo wan . in 1969, that meant mission accomplished. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the bail hearing for a teenager charged in the perry hall hi school shooting has been delayed. robert loudoun jr. is expected to appear in court today. -- robert gladden jr. police said he brought a shotgun to school and opened fire in the cafeteria. >> class is back under way at morgan state university today after a shooting at the campus. they say someone shot a man in the student center yesterday. was ticket to the hospital in serious condition. this is the of victim was not a student and did know the
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suspect. >> pleasetwo women were arrested on tuesday. they had 21 children in the home at the home on abilene way. investigators said the women did have a day care permit but only to watch 5 children. >> historic library in washington is reopening. we have more on that. and police in fairfax county think thieves may have been stealing from unsuspecting atm users. they found this simple looking device sitting on the card slot of an atm. users were seeing their cards being used to get cash from other atm machines. police are asking everyone who used the machine to keep a close eye on a bank statements.
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>> a new smartphone app will allow you to report crimes. it is an app called you ask. it allows you to call police find the nearest medical center, call support hot lines. it is already live. vincent gray will officially launch it tomorrow. >> and the mount pleasant library is reopening after a renovation project third city officials and residents celebrated knopfthe reopening of the library. and still to come on abc 7 news at noon, she and her husband prince william meters in public remarks. >> more bad news for chris
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cooley. >> and we will tell you why police in prince george's county have even more traffic cameras in the the area. >> it is a beautiful day. 74 degrees. co i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would t rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deneny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think th women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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[ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.. thipresident can tell us itit was someonone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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>> a lot of people, maybe you find speed cameras frustrating. some drivers taking out their rage and the cameras themselves. the prince george's county police department has issued a security cameras to watch the speed cameras. the hope that will deter them since it costs between $30,000 and $100,000 to replace a speed camera. in the meantime, drivers and fairfax and loudoun county will have a chance to speak out about the toll increases. the last of the three public hearings will take place at 5:00 p.m. tonight at springhill elementary school in mclean. >> the ntsb has closed five of the sick the recommendations, at least one of which led to the red line crash near fort totten
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station in 2009. they are working to automate their trains. metro is working to get all of the recommendation off of the books. they said it will take some time, such as replacing the aging rail car. >> i do not like this. >> we just keep talking about how nice this is. five days in a row. i know. today is going to be today number six. tomorrow we will get about a half day out of it. it will not drop a lot of rain, but some changes definitely on the way. take a look outside as we look at the jefferson memorial. and the memorial bridge. quiet and dry. still. -- plenty of sunshine as we move through the afternoon hours. 75 at reagan national. dew point levels in the mid 50s.
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woodbridge va. now at 74 degrees. winds around four or 5 miles per hour. and our final stop, d.c. looking at 78 degrees. tartars across-the-board -- 75 in martinsburg. 75 manassas. 74 quantico. you can see where the cold front is located. this will be a weather front maker tomorrow evening. this all moves our way in the next 24 hours. we may see a straight shower late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. i do not expect anything to become severe or strong. the cold front is just now passing through minneapolis. the showers beginning to dry out. high pressure over head.
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that moves off the coast. temperatures just slightly above average for this time of year. absolutely nothing to speak of on the doppler radar. not a whole lot. here is our futurecast. daytime highs around 80 degrees. it will call into the 60s. -- it will cool into the 60s. by saturday afternoon everything clears on out of here. and a pretty nice weekend ahead. forecast for today, 78 to 83. nighttime lows, 545 t 65o . mostly sunny tomorrow, temperatures around 80. the extended outlook shows cooler drier air.
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temperatures and daytime highs -- sunday and monday are only in the 70s. a better chance for widespread showers by tuesday. >> you will redeem yourself with a nice weekend forecast. thank you. after the june derecho storm the powerful storms to follow, the power companies are getting a chance to speak out. we will hear from five utility companies including bge and peco. they will talk about how they think they handled outages. it knocked out -- the storms knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. 7 is on your side with an investigation into the alarming red light running in the district. most disturbing -- drivers are district employees. we reviewed thousands of tickets. a number of the tickets are never paid. wait until you find out what we found out. a story coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m.. >> chris cooley divorcing his
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wife. they separated a better january filed for divorce papers at the end of august. she lost her job with the redskins after the two began dating a dent in 2005. he was cut from the redskins last month. he has not been picked up by a new team yet. >> the newest member of the two family at the national of vizoo. we will have more on the the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america. but mitt mney doesn't see it. under the romn plan, a middle class family will pay an avera of up to $2,000 momore a year in taxes. while at the same time giving multi-millionaires like himself a $250,000 tax cut so, romney hits the middle class harder... and gives millllionaires an even bigger break.
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is that the way forward for amererica? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. some of our children's greatest experiences have been in the smaller classrooms. vo: but mitt romney says class sizes don't matter... and he supports paul ryayan's budget which could cut education by 20%. you can't do this by shoving 30, 35 people into a class and just teaching to so test... these are all issues that really he personally nnot relate to. be able to afford an education, to want the very best public education system for you children. anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? becae voting for questioion seven is a vote toto build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according
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to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. >> it is a four now on -- de four now for the chicago teachers strike. they are pushing for bigger salaries, better benefits better job security. they say this is a good learning experience for the teachers. >> we have amazing video to show you out of los angeles. and get away driver on a wild chase. many people calling it a modern- day robin hood story.
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there are four people who allegedly held up a bank in santa clarita. a speed topping 100 miles per hour. the suspects start throwing cash out of the window. it led to close calls as people rush into the streets. there were trying to get the money and scoop up the cash. people started cheering on the suspects. >> santa clarita -- and they all the way down here and throw money out the window. >> after one hour and 20 minutes, a truck got in the wake of a getaway car. they got the suspects, but there were more -- riot police had to be called out. they started swarming the vehicle. they thought there was more money inside. >> hopefully they did not give away all the money. new this noon, in the last hour,
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new york city approved the ban on a large sodas. michael bloomberg has been looking to limit sugary drinks to just 16 ounces in places like restaurants and movie theaters. he says there is a link between sherburne and obesity. we are looking at filing an injunction before the law becomes active. let us get the national zoo. those cute little cheetah cubs -- they are named after olympians. the cheetah cubs are now about four once told. >> the big day today as the world couple continues their nine day tour of southeast asia. kate middleton gave her first speech since she was married. they are traveling from singapore to malaysia. speaking about the importance of specialized medical care for
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seriously ill children. prince william and kate visiting a number of commonwealth nations celebrating the queen'jubilees i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health h care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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>> and final look at your outlook. a chance of showers late in b.k.. >> thank you for watching. we will see you tomorrow for goodmorning washington.
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the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america. but mitt roromney doesn't see it. under the romney plan, a middle class family will papay an average of up to $2,000 more a year in taxes. while at the same time giving multi-millionaireses like himself a $250,000 tax cut so, romney hits the middle class harder... and gives millionaires an even bigger break. is that the way forward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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